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The law firm of O’Brien, Barton & Hopkins PLLP, is a general practice firm conveniently located in Issaquah, Washington. We can meet most of your varied legal needs, including the areas of Wills and Trusts, Probate, Divorce and Family Law, Business, Real Estate, Employment and serious Personal Injury.

The attorneys at O’Brien, Barton & Hopkins PLLP live, work and volunteer in our Issaquah and Eastside communities.

Estate planning allows the family to celebrate life

The death of a loved one is often a stressful time for the immediate family. Fortunately, there are ways that one can minimize this stress and make this time about celebrating life rather than sinking under the mounting decisions that must be made. While many Washington residents have already recognized the need for estate planning,… Read More

Flat Fee Retainer – No Office Visit – No Court Appearance

Our traffic ticket defense attorney, Fred Hopkins, has limited his practice to the defense of traffic tickets throughout the district and municipal courts of King, Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties since 2002. He is consistently rated as Excellent by his clients in their Avvo reviews of their representation. His representation is done on a… Read More

Teenage Drivers’ Three Strikes You’re Out Laws

Washington State grants teenage drivers a probationary license to drive if they are under the age of eighteen years. Known as the “three strikes you’re out” system for repeat offenders, the following is a summary of the restrictions placed on a teenager’s right to drive as infractions accumulate on his/her driving record: Strike One: Passenger… Read More

What to Do If You Receive a Ticket

If you received a copy of a traffic infraction (a ticket) from a police officer, it is a non-criminal offense for which jail cannot be imposed. You must respond to the infraction within fifteen (15) days from the date it is issued to you. Your mailed response must be mailed no later than midnight on… Read More