Curbside Estate Planning Service

The O’Brien Law Firm in Issaquah has established a unique way of serving their estate planning clients while following the CDC and Governor Inslee’s guidelines for safe distancing. “In Washington state, every Will has to be in writing, signed by the testator and attested by two or more competent witnesses by subscribing their names to the Will”, said estate planning attorney Steve Leppard. Instead of having in-office conferences and Will signing ceremonies in the confines of the conference room, the firm initiates the estate planning consultation by sending an intake form to the clients that is used to create the Wills, Power of Attorney forms, Community Property Agreement and their Directive to Physician. Once the form is returned, the attorneys draft the documents and set up either a telephone or Zoom meeting with the clients to ensure the Wills conform to the clients’ wishes. When the documents are finalized and ready for signature, the signing ceremony is completed at the front door of the law firm. “We have two tables set up at the door. The doors are open to limit the touching of surfaces, we have hand sanitizers, and everyone has masks on. “Our clients stay on one side of the table, sign the documents and step back. The Notary Public and witnesses then approach the table and preform the required subscription to the Wills” said attorney Jamie O’Brien. “It’s not the close and personal interaction we normally have with our clients but in these times, people want their affairs in order, and this is a way to get it done”, she added. Clients have to bring their driver’s license, a PPE and confirm that they have not had a fever, experienced upper respiratory issues or tested positive for COVID-19. “We had twenty existing estate plans in the works before the state shut down”, said office manager Christina Forte. “We scheduled the signing ceremonies in half hour increments which worked out to ten per day. Now that we have our system in place, we are opening it up to the public”.